IMG_8610Hello! I’m Laura Elizabeth. Four years ago, my family made the decision to move to South Dakota, to be nearer family and to put roots down in a place where the Christian heritage of our nation is still pretty strong. On March 1, 2015, we finally made it out to the Black Hills, to our “ancestral home”, and to a place that has always felt like home.

After graduating from homeschooling, I earned my Bachelors of Music in vocal performance at Eastern Illinois University, before moving out to the Black Hills. I currently work as a medical scribe for a doctor and family friend who practices in Rapid City, teach music lessons, write, and revel in photography. For years, I worked for my dad in our family business, and after moving out here I worked part-time for a local rancher, part-time for the Hill City Mercantile (a fabric store), and part-time for the Farmer’s Daughter (an antique store). After five and a half years of college, it has been good to be out doing things, breathing fresh air, and dabbling. Pleasantly dabbling.

Reading, writing, walks in the great outdoors, photography, sewing…and of course my family…play big roles in my life. What a joy to live at home with my family, and to be so near my extended family. This is an exciting journey! Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Laura Elizabeth



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