Early Morning in Custer State Park

Yesterday, I took an early morning drive through the Park – The girls and I had driven through it Sunday afternoon, on our way home from church, and were amazed at the numbers of tourists. I thought it would be better for picture taking to drive through before the tourists woke up. I had a portion of the bison herd to myself for a good ten minutes, maybe twenty minutes, free to take pictures to my heart’s content! The burros were charming, as usual, and everything had babies. Here are my favorites:
Mama and babyBison herdBuffaloBurro mama and babyBuffalo babyWhat a delight, to live so close to places like Custer State Park. I still pinch myself, to make sure it is real!

Laura Elizabeth


Splash of Color

Sometimes color surprises me. This sure did!
Bumblebee - bombus ternariusWent on a short hike this evening, and found this bumblebee on the banks of Battle Creek – Such a forest of dame’s rocket!

Laura Elizabeth

Botanical | Rock Clematis

These quirky little blossoms bloomed all along the rim of Hell’s Canyon, some of them still closed, others in full bloom.rock clematis mediumWhile most of them were blooming in the earth, we did find a clump of them growing in the cleft of a rock.

Laura Elizabeth

Botanical | Canada violet

If you’ve read much of my blog, you probably have picked up on the fact that I kind of love violets. This little beauty is no exception. canada violet mediumFound these in thick carpets along Hell Canyon.

Laura Elizabeth


Botanical | White Milkwort

I only saw these once along the Hell Canyon trail. They looked like little upside-down clusters of grapes!white milkwortAlmost unnoticeable next to the flashier, showier wildflowers, but these are charming.

Laura Elizabeth

Botanical | Cutleaf Anemone

Found this little gem along the Hell Canyon trail, west of Custer. Ranged in color from palest pink to a deep fuchsia. cutleaf anemone medium

Their blossoms are probably a centimeter long, maybe a half inch, and don’t open any further than this. They’re a relative of the pasqueflower, since both are genus anemone.

Laura Elizabeth