Poetry | Dawn

Dawn: A Poem

I love the earth before the dawn

When sleeping things awake,

When pearly breezes kiss the grass

And birds their lovesongs make.

Before the day has yet awoke –

Those fleeting moments, oh! How few!

Before the golden dawn has broke

And turned the hoary frost to dew,

Then a shimmering spell is cast

And all the world in slumber dreams.

There isn’t heard nor breath nor sigh

And the moon on mirror waters gleams.

The softest stirring in the trees –

A rosy blush where sky meets earth,

A hidden joy, a waking love,

A welling forth of mirth.

For then! The light of glorious sun!

The east in flaming glory stands

And paints each hill and rock and vale

As if by touch of tender hands.

And at the first light of the dawn

The silver world is bathed in light

Of amber sun and sapphire sky

And all forget the night.



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